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Monday, December 13, 2010


According to the calender it is not officially winter yet but mother nature does not live by the calender. We have had snow either coming from the sky or on the ground for a week now. And living in the south, the schools shut down. It can be quite different though depending on where you are in the mountains. The other side of Asheville may not have much or vice versa.That is what I love about living here. Nothing is ever predictible! Makes life interesting. Today though it is a bit colder than I like. 12 degrees and blustery. Too cold for me to go out and take a walk in the snow or sled.  Most of my walking consists of carrying hot water to the barn and throwing hay out to the animals. Good thing I've got those heated buckets! Obviously I still have a couple of buckets that aren't heated. Even the geese don't want to be out in the snow. The chickens are too busy using their energy to stay warm so they aren't laying any eggs this week. I know I will get cabin fever but we will get a break. It never lasts quite as long as it does in other parts of the country. Just get above freezing and I will be able to put on the thick fleece and go for a jog. I love Winter though. It gets dark sooner which gives me more time for spinning! I sleep so much better too!

In just about 8 weeks there might be some lambs! February will be here before we know it. Got to keep those ewes full of good hay. Still hoping to get one of my Nigerians bred!

Wishing that all will be able to keep the hope of the season alive in them throughout the new year. Jesus brings Christmas to us every day! Not just at Christmas.

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