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I look forward to introducing you to the wonderful world of sheep, chickens, llamas, nigerian dwarf dairy goats and sebastopol geese. And any other little critters that happen to show up or live around here. Livestock keep us connected to our agricultural history, the land and the cycle of life.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is finally in the air, the ram is in with the ewes and the new chicks are growing fast. Spring fleeces will be heading to the Southeastern Animal and Fiber Fair (SAFF) later in October. This year I am breeding 4 Jacob ewes with my new ram. Looking forward to Jacob lambs again next spring. I hope to breed Daisy the white cots/BL cross and Carly my registered  natural colored Border Leicester. I primarily raise colored sheep. Don't ask me why, just like to be different. Having an interest in rare breeds I just believe that with so much emphasis on white sheep we need to keep the color genetics out there. Rovings and handspun yarn are always available.

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